Funny Craft Beer Video Compilation 2017 – Irish taste craft beer

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you know the way prisoners make hooch would that be across beer yeah there are those beers that blown a head off you and again you’re just drinking one for the novelty right like oh yeah this is 12% you slick now like festivals smooth that is fruity oh my god yeah this is nice I like this hair I got kind of an orangey zest off it is a blue moon or something yeah is it five my four percents okay is that a lot Brewing Company was born in 1995 in Denver Colorado so how’s about there is kind of a wofully aftertaste as well do you know the only way I drink this would be at the end of the night when you’ve run out of wine whiskey yeah I’m vodka and then someone says Jim Blue Moon I’ll get all right yeah it looks exactly the same as the last one maybe that’s the right cup this is exactly what prop here is this is the definition of proper if you ask me what clean a week the survey older concerned it smells better than it tastes founders all day – since 1997 that’s not long enough to put it on the bottles or since no yeah come on it is very Michigan though it looks Michigan I don’t know much about Michigan but this is it I didn’t like it at all [Music] Pyne it kind of smells like a red cup to be honest with you yes after the first two seconds so far the most remarkable thing I’ve ever ever – no and it’s not a bad taste that’s exactly what it’s about this over here this looks like something that was made in the dudes room packaging is amazing but this was made by monks according to the Surgeon General women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy Shh I saw that on the shelf I go oh I’m having some of that but then I’d be very disappointed with my life choices how’s everything oh very foamy I haven’t seen that much had given in a porn movie smells like the other one smells like perfume very sweet mmm ooh something’s a little foam you know like Anita’s like whatever five percent holy God this is spicy meat while in of hudsmith hops pops East hops water and hops what our hops the casino everyone’s talking about their hops have no idea the phone looks slightly browner okay this looks like a lot of foam not a head there’s no real smell off it so you’re like oh this could be okay it’s a bit more substantial this haze bit more like beer like normal Sierra Nevada torpedo extra IPA seven point two I like it blah blah blah hops it’s a craft beer you got to make it strong get everybody queer fear is oh no you can whisper this you can wait just a minute you’re going to finish this off what I learned today is that I can get from pretty quickly under these small cups yeah like I feel locked so it’s kind of John this job of it there wasn’t one I didn’t like you know yeah but that’s just because it’s freebie that’s true [Music] it’s always lads did beer lads did this is there any women man gender equality where is the women beer that’s what I want to be drinking Timmy wine

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